Objectives and Organisation

Objectives of the course

  • To give teachers in pre-service and in-service training courses access to a course material with useful tools and methods for the international collaborative work.

  • To raise the teachers’ awareness of what a collaborative international project may offer professionally, socially, and culturally for teachers and students alike.

  • To give the teachers some ideas on how they mutually can introduce their professional work.

  • To give ideas on classroom management when you run an international collaborative project.

  • To raise awareness on the importance of informing and/or involving parents in an international project.

  • To give some ideas as to how you can evaluate an international collaborative project.

Organisation of the course

The course material can be used in many different ways. The modules are ready for use, whereas the modules developed in the PROMISE project and to which there is a reference in module 6, will not be released until the spring of 2005. 

How can the course modules be used?


  • As an on-line or eLearning course with a tutor as a facilitator/ moderator.

  • As a face-to-face course where the contents of the modules could be extended with various exercises.

If you are not attending a course nor have any agreements with a partner, we have enclosed a proposal form for a project that you can forward to for example: European Schools Project portal or the ECOLE website. So there is no hinder for you to follow parts of the course on your own and in this way get a clearer picture of which topic you would like to focus on in the collaborative project: Link to project proposal.


  • As a material that two or more teachers use between them before they involve themselves and their students in a international collaborative project.

  • As a material to be used at a face-to-face European Comenius course.

  • As an introductory on-line course prior to a Comenius contact seminar.

  • The material might be useful in an introductory phase by teachers, who want to take part in an eTwinning project.

  • The PROMISE course that deals with problem based project work could be implemented or be part of a Comenius contact seminar or similar seminars or courses.

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